I meet, on a daily basis, people who seem to have had their common sense removed at birth, or shortly thereafter! For example, how hard can it be to turn on your TV? Well, for some people, very hard it seems!

I had a customer on the phone recently 'demanding' that someone come out 'immediately' and fix his TV. After about 20 minutes of being screamed and shouted at and my vain attempts to pacifiy him proving to be futile, the irate customer confirmed that Yes 'it's plugged in' and 'No the batteries are fine,' I asked him to make sure the fuse in the plug was:

a) fitted correctly and b) had not blown and was still intact, to which the customer replied "Is that not your job?"


I should now mention that this particularly well educated gentleman was calling from Redcar (our store is located fifty miles away in Gateshead.) After explaining to the him that it is very simple to change a fuse,  should his have blown, I was told  "I'm not a technical person and I want my telly fixed NOW!"

I took a deep breath and told him that if one of our technicians were to visit him there would be a standard call out charge of £40 plus an additional out of area charge of 34 pence per mile.That's £74 to change a fuse! After much arguing he decided that he simply could not bring himself to perform such a highly involved and complex task (changing a fuse) and agreed to pay the £74 charge.

How do these people get so far in life not knowing how to do such simple things? Not so long ago I was confronted with a similar issue of a women who couldn't change the batteries in her remote control! We receive a lot of telephone calls on a daily basis and a significant amount of these are of a technical nature. We are not only sales people but we also act as a front line for technical support.

We are more than happy to help our customers solve problems over the phone and find that seven out of ten issues are resolved in this manner, but we are constantly and pleasantly surprised that the most menial of tasks can present some people a significant challenge. Patience is a virtue and you will find a lot of both instilled in our staff. We are the 'Leading Edge' because we treat each and every individual as a valued customer and we are always happy to help if they ever become unstuck with product that we have sold them, irrespective whether the item is on or out of warranty.

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