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Q Acoustics Q7000 LR Satellite Pair - Gloss White

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£ 174.99
Q Acoustics Q7000 £174.99 Satellite Stereo Pair - finished in Gloss White. Multiple award winning speaker package that is equally at home with music and cinema.

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Q Acoustics Q7000 £174.99 Satellite Stereo Pair - finished in Gloss White. Multiple award winning speaker package that is equally at home with music and cinema.


Q Acoustics 'moves the goalposts' once again with its new '7000 Series', a beautifully styled 5.1 home cinema loudspeaker package with truly class leading performance. 

To quote from the original Q Acoustics press release (March 2006):

"There would be absolutely no point in Q Acoustics offering 'me too' products that are no better than the competition. You may be assured, we wouldn't enter this important sector unless we were confident we could make a serious impact."

Today the message remains the same. The new 7000 Series is taking the 'Style' home cinema loudspeaker market by storm.

Why? Because we've done the only thing we know how to do - deliver speakers which are unequivocally superior to the competition in their price sector. So how have we differentiated Q Acoustics from the rest?

The simple answer is we have set new standards. The 7000 system is a beautifully styled home cinema loudspeaker package that reproduces music to the same award-winning standard with which it delivers ultra-dynamic movie soundtracks. 

" Q Acoustics serves up a giant-killing performance", "There's certainly no doubting the Q7000's showroom appeal", "Q Acoustics has hit the performance bull's-eye as comprehensively as it has with the design", "Its soundstage is expansive, coherent and rigorously focused, effects are sited with absolute assurance and detail levels are sky-high. Tonally the Q7000 is neutral, but while is remains relatively uncoloured it has no difficulty describing texture, and is as capable of delivering nuance as it is thundering along with the biggest bangs", "High frequencies are crisp and attacking", "the midrange is explicit and packed with character", "Fundamentally, then, the Q7000 is among the most accomplished style-orientated packages we've heard in a good while. And it's remarkably gregarious when it comes to partnering electronics, too", "The stylish, gutsy Q7000 is an authentic contender for head of class."

What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision (Sep 2011) 

Also available in Gloss Black

Download the Q Acoustics Q7000 Speaker Brochure 

The elegant design will enhance your lounge, bedroom or kitchen.

7000 series models are full range speakers with higher than normal power capability and can therefore be used without a subwoofer. This makes them the ideal choice when there is a requirement for a small discreet speaker and where a subwoofer cannot be accommodated.

Wall Mountable speakers

The 7000 speakers and subwoofer have been designed to be easily wall mountable.* Once mounted, the left, right and centre speakers can be angled to enhance their performance. The terminals are cleverly built into the mount and speaker cables can be hidden from view, making these ultra discreet speakers an excellent choice to partner a wall mounted screen. *Subwoofer wall mount kit is an optional extra.The 7000LR speakers can also be stand mounted. The stands are available as an optional extra. 

Satellite Pair package components:

  • Q7000LR - Bookshelf Speakers x2

Technical Specifications:

Compact Satellite: Q7000LR (x2) 

3 way reflex Enclosure

  • Woofer: 2x 75 mm long throw bass drivers
  • Tweeter: 1x 25 mm high frequency ring radiator dome tweeter
  • Frequency Range: 95 - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity (1m/W): 85 dB/W
  • Impedance : 6 ohm
  • Max Output: 15 - 100W
  • Dimensions (H/D/W): 240 x 100 x 160 mm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
Weight: 0.4 kg