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Quad LNB to allow simultaneous feeds to Sky, Sky+ and FreeSAT. Provided with 20m Satellite cable, clips and terminations.

This Quad LNB can provide 4 independent signals to allow the following combinations: 

any combination making a total of 4 receivers from either Sky and/or FreeSAT

a combination of up to 1x Sky+ receiver and 1x Humax Foxsat-HDR FreeSAT+ recorder

a combination of up to 1x Sky+ receiver and 2x FreeSAT receiver

If you are already a subscriber to Sky and still wish to remain so, but also want to enjoy the offerings from FreeSAT then you should purchase this Zinwell Quad LNB kit

user caution: these operations are performed at your own risk, if in doubt seek professional advice.

Turn off and unplug the Sky receiver from the mains supply
Remove the satellite cable connection from the rear of the Sky receiver using an anti-clockwise twisting action
Disconnect any downleads to the existing LNB and remove from the mounting arm
Fit the new LNB to the existing arm without disturbing the satellite dish
Connect the existing downlead to any one of the four outputs on the LNB with a firm clockwise action.
Terminate a new length of downlead with a F type connection and connect to a free output.
Follow the same path as the existing downlead back into the house and terminate at the FreeSAT receiver.
If you need to drill a new hole into a wall ensure that at the point of entry you form a ‘U’ shape in the downlead to allow any rain to fall away and use a silicon sealant to make good the hole. 

Technical Specification:

  • Horizontal/vertical plus high/low band on each port.
  • Input low band 10.7-11.70GHz, Input high band 11.7-12.75GHz
  • Output low band 950-1950MHz, Output high band 1100-2150MHz
  • Oscillator frequency 9.75 (Low band), 10.6 (High band)
  • Switching signal for high band 22KHz Tone
  • Noise figure (Typical) 0.6dB
  • Current consumption 280mA

In the Box: 1x Zinwell Quad LNB; 20m Satellite Cable (black); 4x F-Type screw type terminations; 10x single cable clips

Weight 3.000 kg
Dimensions 120.000 × 150.000 × 50.000 mm
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