Sounds Fantastic HF6 Mains Distribution


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Olson’s Sound Fantastic range of units are designed for hi-fi audio markets. Each unit is fitted with a 10A mains RFI filter with earthline choke & transient suppressor, designed to filter mains borne transients, switching surges, RF interference.

A robust steel construction Black finish 13A Sockets 10A Panel mounted fuse External earth stud for grounding 10A Mains RFI filter and surge suppressor. Brackets on each side for easy fixing/installation 2m Screened cable (1.5mm2) terminated with a 13A fused plug.

Available in Sounds Fantastic HF4, 6 and Sounds Fantastic HF8 configurations. You have selected the 6 way configuration.

Weight 5.000 kg
Dimensions 557.000 × 78.000 × 45.000 mm
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