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Quick Features:

  • 4K Ultra HD Android TV™ with Quantum Dot
  • Full Aluminium Slim Frameless Design
  • HDMI 2.1 with eARC and ALLM
  • Dolby Vision™ – cinema-inspired HDR
  • Dolby Atmos® – full 360° sound experience
  • DTS:X immersive audio codec
  • DTS Virtual:X 3D audio post processing
  • Hybrid HARMAN/KARDON® Speaker System
  • AQUOS UltraClear Video Processor
  • AQUOS Smooth Motion – Frame Interpolation Technology
  • Light Sensor with OPC (Optical Picture Control)

Three other sizes are available: Sharp 75EQ4KA 75″ 4K TV, Sharp 55EQ4KA 55″ 4K TV and Sharp 50EQ4KA 50″ 4K TV

Sharp 65EQ4KA 65 inch Quantum Dot 4K Ultra HD Android TV package includes:

  • Sharp 65EQ4KA 65 inch Quantum Dot 4K Ultra HD Android TV
  • Free  3 Year Warranty


The 65EQ4KA is a 4K Ultra High Definition Frameless Quantum Dot Sharp Android TV™ with exceptional multimedia functionality.

Quantum Dot Technology
Sharp 65EQ4KA displays the ultimate colour gamut using Quantum Dot Technology – Q-COLOUR. Any HDR or Dolby Vision content looks life-like with perfect colour reproduction.
Harman/Kardon Audio
The Hybrid Harman/Kardon sound system has a unique driver setup – front firing tweeters and down firing woofers. A combination that ensures perfect sound clarity and solid bass reproduction.
Dolby Atmos
Advanced dts Virtual:X and Dolby Atmos technologies delivers virtual height and multi-channel virtual surround for the best home cinema experience. Integrated Google Assistant offers quick and helpful support and makes operating simple thanks to voice control.

Premium design with full aluminium body
Timeless design and superb styling make your new Sharp TV a harmonious addition to your home. Made of elegant aluminium alloy, the frameless screen seems to float above the surface on which it is standing. And we give you two great designs to choose from: one in sophisticated black, with a ribbed speaker cover, and one in stylish silver, with a perforated speaker cover. At Sharp we believe that a TV not only has to display the highest quality images, but it also has to be stylishly and made of the highest quality materials. In a word – the Sharp EQ series.

Perfect sound and clear dialogues with high fidelity Harman Kardon sound system
Combining stylish design with functionality was also the goal when constructing the audio system. The front speaker grille is designed to give you clear and undistorted sound. Together with Harman / Kardon we have created a unique two-way audio system with front-firing midrange and treble and down-firing bass. The high tones reach your ears directly, ensuring crystal clear dialogues, while the low tones reflect off the surface on which the TV stands giving you rich, spacious background music. All of this is enclosed in casings with a capacity of nearly 500 ccm per channel, something quite unique in the world of televisions. In addition, the redesigned power supply of the amplifier made it possible to achieve a harmonic distortion ratio (THD) of approximately 1%, ten times better than standard TV solutions.

Support for the best 3D sound standards – Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
The excellent audio system of the Sharp EQ series TV has been further enhanced with the most advanced technologies for object-based surround sound such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. These technologies fill your room with surround sound that perfectly fits whatever you are watching.

Brilliant colours and high picture dynamics with Quantum Color Technology
The new Sharp EQ series uses the ultra-modern VA LCD matrix with direct LED backlight and a Quantum Dot (Quantum Colour) layer. It provides the widest range of colour reproduction currently available in LCD TVs. This translates into perfect colour reproduction of not only the most saturated parts of the image, but also significantly improves tonal transitions, realistically reproducing colours and skin tones, as well as the nuances of a blue sky or the greens of an ocean. The Sharp EQ series TV can reproduce 94% of the colours in the DCI.P3 set and 78% of the BT.2020 set. These are truly stunning results, and you can see the difference with the naked eye!

High brightness (400-500 nits) for the best HDR experience
To enjoy excellent HDR (High Dynamic Range) images, a TV needs to be able to provide a high level of brightness. Only then you can really see all the depth and detail, especially when both darker and brighter zones occur simultaneously. The Sharp EQ Series delivers a peak brightness of 450 – 550 nits. For you, that means a really stunning visual experience when watching HDR content.

Dolby Vision for 12-bit colour HDR content support
Dolby Vision is one of the highest incarnations of the HDR standard. It surpasses “ordinary” HDR in many respects, not only in the number of bits describing the image. First of all, in Dolby Vision, metadata describing lighting and colour conditions are available for each frame separately. This especially impacts the quality of feature-length materials that is rich in both light and dark scenes. For each of these scenes, you can define separate settings, which ensures better reproduction and perception of the scenes. Today, virtually every leading streaming platform offers movies and series compatible with Dolby Vision, so that you can watch it on your new Sharp EQ series in stunning quality.

AQUOS Motion estimation and compensation for the smooth picture motion
To ensure perfect image fluidity, especially in scenes with fast-moving objects, the Sharp EQ series TVs are equipped with the Aquos Motion smoothing system. The artificial intelligence system implemented in the ultra-efficient image processor analyses the image “frame by frame” taking moving objects into account and, if necessary, generates additional frames to increase smoothness. The user has full control of the Aquos Motion system, and for purists who want to watch content without additional processing – in full cinematic style – it can be turned off.

Light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment
The Sharp EQ Series TV delivers beautifully bright images, but ambient lighting conditions change dynamically throughout the day, and manual brightness changes can be a hassle. An evening cinema session with the full brightness suitable for the middle of a clear day is not necessarily the best experience. That is why the new Sharp EQ series TV is equipped with an ambient light sensor that automatically and intelligently adjusts the backlight and matrix brightness. The automatic brightness function has another advantage – it saves energy. Your Sharp EQ-Series knows exactly which settings are optimal for the moment, increasing your comfort and lowering your energy bills. You don’t have to do anything but enjoy your favourite show.

For the ultimate gaming experience with four HDMI 2.1 inputs and low input lag
All four HDMI ports of the new Sharp EQ series TV are equipped with the latest and fastest HDMI 2.1 standard so that you can enjoy all the benefits provided by the latest video and audio connections, as well as PCs and consoles. That means you can use the extended eARC feedback functionality, which is important for connecting to soundbars or amplifiers of the VRR function that seamlessly adjusts the displayed frame rate when connecting to consoles or PCs, (range from 48 to 60 fps). The ALLM function switches the TV set to low-latency mode by turning off all post-processing functions when you connect a console or PC. And then there is QMS (Quick Media Switching), which allows for quick (without long interruptions with dark screens) switching of HDMI sources. You’ll find all these features in the new Sharp EQ Series TV.

Support for Google Stadia gaming
Gaming is not just about PC and consoles. There are also several online services that let you play online, using the computing power of the provider’s cloud computers. One of them is Google Stadia. Thanks to it and a connection with adequate bandwidth, your Sharp TV becomes a gaming platform offering the highest quality graphics in UHD resolution and the latest titles from the world leaders. At the same time, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the latest generation console or PC. Connect any gamepad or console to the TV via Bluetooth and immerse yourself in the digital gaming world. All of this on your Sharp EQ-Series.


  • 4K Ultra HD Android TV™ with Quantum Dot
  • Full Aluminium Slim Frameless Design
  • HDMI 2.1 with eARC and ALLM
  • Dolby Vision™ – cinema-inspired HDR
  • Dolby Atmos® – full 360° sound experience
  • DTS:X immersive audio codec
  • DTS Virtual:X 3D audio post processing
  • Hybrid HARMAN/KARDON® Speaker System
  • AQUOS UltraClear Video Processor
  • AQUOS Smooth Motion – Frame Interpolation Technology
  • Light Sensor with OPC (Optical Picture Control)

Technical Specifications:

  • 4K ULTRA HD / LED Panel
  • Screen Size: 65″ 165.1 cm diagonal
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9; Pixels: Horizontal 3840x Vertical 2160
  • View Angle: 178 (Horizontal) x178(Vertical)
  • Speaker Output: 30W (15W x 2)
  • Power Consumption: 136W
  • VESA: 400 x 200
  • Dimension Between Stand Feet (in mm): 760.0 x 277.3

Input/ Output Connections:

HDMI DisplayPort YPbPr Audio i/o Memory PC Network Antenna CAM

x3 v2.1

Optical Out x2 USB 2.0 10/100 MB/s  

inc. eARC

    Micro SD Card Slot HDMI



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Weight 19.5 kg
Dimensions 74.500 × 1447.000 × 984.500 mm
TV Size

61" to 70"

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