Noir Fixed Frame Screen 16:9 84 inch


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Noir 84″ 16:9 Fixed Frame Screen £299 with a black velvet frame and black vinyl back to reduce light emission and reflection


  • 84″ 16:9 Diagonal Fixed Frame Screen
    Aluminium Black Velvet Frame 
  • Glass Fibre Matte White Screen

The Noir series of Fixed Frame Projection screens offer a truly flat surface to project on, no curls, no ripples, no distortion – just flat and absolutely ideal for a dedicated Cinema Room.

Rigid Tension Surface
The screen material is constantly held in tension by a simple but efficient method only available in Noir products. Four Steel rods are placed into the perimeter of the material and these rods are then fixed into the aluminium frame, applying an even tension throughout the screen resulting in a flat screen offering you the viewer a consistent and permanent flat screen.

Elegant Frame Design
The rigid frame is of box aluminium cross section finished on the external surface with a black velvet finish that absorbs any light bleed from an overlapping image. The frame is fixed to the wall using “key hole” mounting points that can slide along the length of the frame.

Screen Finish
The most important function of a screen is its ability to reflect the correct amount of light back at the viewer without altering the colour reproduction and contrast ratio. Noir fixed screens use fine diamond shaped pitted material that helps to cancel light bleed and keep the picture reproduction faithful to what the film director intended. The material has a low gain rating of 1.0, keeping contrast levels high and offering a wide even viewing angle. A black PVC backing means the screen can be mounted in front of any light source without any light seepage through the material. 


Model Number  LEC-NFF84169   
Type Fixed  
Format 16:9  
Gain 1.0  
Screen Material  Glass Fibre White Matte   
Viewing Size mm  1860 x 1050  
Diagonal Viewing inch/ cm  86 / 218.4  
Black border R/L mm 60  
Black border Top mm 60  
Black border Bottom mm 60  
Weight kgs 8.5  
Screen Dimensions 1920 x 1110 x 123  
Carton Size  –  
Weight 7.200 kg
Dimensions 95.400 × 1982.000 × 1172.000 mm
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