KEF Ci200.2CR In Ceiling Speaker – White 4 Pack


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KEF Ci200.2CR In Ceiling Speaker – White 4 Pack £900 Ultra thin Bezel with asymmetrical tweeter island for wide off axis response.


Hide your speakers, not your sound

KEF Ci200.2CR In Ceiling Speaker 4 Pack Carton

Featuring the KEF’s unique asymmetrical tweeter island, this configuration reduces high frequency diffraction and aligns the off-axis power response of the tweeter and woofer to make the speaker almost as placement friendly as Uni-Q. Combining impeccable sound quality with the elegant ultra-thin bezel (UTB), the Ci C Series range is part of how to “Hide your speakers, not your sound.” 


  • UTB™ Ultra-Thin Bezel
  • 200mm (8 in.) Uni-Q driver
  • 16mm (0.6in.) Aluminium dome tweeter with tangerine waveguide
  • Magnetic grille
  • Paintable grille and bezel
  • Weather Resistant
  • IP64 certified

For music or movies, your installation needs to deliver the flawlessly accurate three-dimensional sound you’d expect from the best conventional speakers – startlingly clear and breathtakingly realistic. And that’s exactly what our Ci range does.

KEF’s passion for acoustic excellence shines through in every model. By combining radically innovative engineering with sophisticated design technologies, the Ci range achieves what used to be thought impossible: compact custom installation speakers that sound as compelling as an audiophile quality hi-fi system, no matter where you sit.

With impeccable cosmetics, there’s a KEF Ci model for every application, from tiny ceiling speakers the size of downlights to motorised super-premium home theatre speakers that glide into place at the touch of a button. All are ruggedised for harsh environments such as bathrooms or boats.

All KEF speakers are sonically-matched, so any combination you specify for different listening areas will have the same tonal colour for a perfectly consistent soundstage.

Fast, easy installation has always been valued by Ci Series installers. With only a few simple steps and KEF’s unique design features, Ci speakers can be fitted quickly, with no special skills. Once the hole is cut and the cable run, the area is soon flooded with great high definition sound.

Technical Specifications:

Ci 200.2CR Speaker : (x4)

  • Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm
    Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 90dB
    Frequency Response +/-6dB 45Hz -20 KHz
    Crossover frequency 2.8 KHz
    Drive Units (LF) 200mm (8.0in)
    (HF) 25mm (1.0in)
    Amplifier Power 10W – 125W
    Diameter Ø 289.6mm (11.4in)
    Depth 103.3mm (4.07in)
    Cut-out Diameter Ø 240mm (9.45in) 
    Mounting depth from surface 97.2mm (3.83in) 
    Optional rough in frame  RIF200R
Weight 12.000 kg
Dimensions 289.600 × 289.600 × 103.300 mm
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