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Humax FVP-5000T £199 500GB Freeview Play HD Recorder – with 500GB HDD with built in Wi-Fi and 3 HD tuners that allow you to view to 75+ channels of subscription Free TV and listen to 25+ Radio Stations. Connect instantly to your home network and enjoy the best in Catch up TV, additional Apps and Video on Demand Services

Freeview Play HD Hard Disk Recorder with Three HD Terrestrial Tuners

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Check to see if you can receive Freeview HD

5000T Key Features:
• Pause, Rewind & Record live TV
• Record 4 programmes whilst watching a 5th
• 250 hours SD/ 125 hours HD
• Built-in Wi-Fi
• Dedicated smart app
• Play your own media back via USB and network share
• Access multi-room tv when paired with H3 Smart Media Player

This Freeview Play compatible HDD Recorder lets you enjoy a wide variety of content. With Humax Live TV app, you can watch and record programmes both at home and while you’re away.

Multi-room TV without an aerial!
Partner the H3 with any Humax Freeview Play PVR and stream recorded content and live TV via the PVR’s hard drive utilising its 3 tuner capacity.
The Espresso is the simple way to view free live to air on any TV without an aerial!
When partnered with a Freeview Play FVP-5000T PVR the Espresso will view live TV from one of the FVP’s built in three tuners. Not only that all your recorded programmes can also be viewed via Espresso given you multi-room TV in any room you choose! If you don’t have a Freeview Play PVR don’t worry your Espresso can still deliver a wealth of Free TV content with our built in apps via the internet.
*Download the app ‘HUMAX Live TV app’ on your iPhone (iOS7 or later) or Android mobile.

Subscription Free TV
Freeview Play gives you the best in TV for Free with 75+ TV Channels and 25+ Radio Stations, including 15 HD TV Channels for stunning high definition viewing.
Minimum of 3 mbps are required for Catch up TV/Video on demand.

Catch up and On-Demand
Unlock the full potential of the 5000T once its connected to the internet. Catch up on shows you’ve missed via the tv guide or access them anytime On Demand. Or visit the new Freeview Explore app for an emersive TV experience.
Players: • BBC iPlayer • ITV Hub • All 4 • Demand 5 • YouTube • UK TV Play
Applications: • Freeview Explore • Humax Eye app • Humax Portal
Optional Subscription Players: • Netflix

Day TV Guide & Scroll Back TV
View what’s on for the next 7 days with the on-screen TV guide. Set reminders, recordings and find out programme information from an intuitive timeline.
Scroll Back TV
Play shows that have already started from the beginning.
Smart Search
Find your favourite shows with our powerful search feature.
Set recordings of individual programmes or create series links.

Top Picks – On Demand, On Now, Recordings
The new Top Picks section will give you recommended content curated by Freeview of the most popular shows on at the moment.
On Demand
Freeview will recommend content for you to watch on demand.
On Now
No need to spend time flicking through the channels to see what’s on, On Now displays the most popular shows in one place.
Find recently added recordings and continue watching shows from where you left them.

Pause, Rewind and Record Live TV
Pause live TV to answer the door or make a cup of coffee then return to where you left off. No more missing that vital moment or dialogue.
The large 500GB hard drive will store up to 250 hours of standard TV (SD) or up to 125 hours of high definition TV (HD)

3x Digital Tuners

With 3 tuners record up to 4 programmes simultaneously whilst watching a 5th. With smart recording never miss a recording, the guide will suggest alternative recording times avoiding recording clashes.

We’re big on storage capacities
Record up to 4 programmes at the same time you watch a 5th with the choice of three hard drive sizes
Available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB or in other words:

• 500GB – Up to 250 hours of recordings

• 1TB – Up to 500 hours of recordings

• 2TB – Up to 1000 hours of recordings

Home Networking and Media Sharing
Once connected to your home network the FVP-5000T will be able to see and playback media files stored on other connected devices. See your favourite pictures on the big screen or listen to music from your digital collection. Stream live content from your digital devices to the big screen from mobiles and tablets.
Plug in a USB and share its content for all to see on the big screen.

Enhanced Features
Audio output is highlighted by Dolby Digital Plus and Pulse sound, so you get the purest and cleanest cinema sound in your living room.
Audio Description is also available plus Subtitles, so those with poor sight or hearing can enjoy shows with everyone (these are recorded automatically if broadcast).

Easy Set Up
Once you’ve removed the FVP-5000T from its box, set up is quick and very easy. Every box comes with an HDMI cable for perfect digital transmission of HD pictures and sound. You will connect to your router wireless with built in Wi-Fi, or alternatively you can use the Ethertnet cable supplied. Nothing too technical, no expert help needed a quick set up guide and operation manual will ensure set is something you can easily do yourself.

Input/Output Terminals:

HDMI YPbPr CVBS Audio i/o Memory PC Network Antenna CAM


 – x1 x1 Optical Out x2 USB 2.0 Wi-Fi 10/100MB/s RFin/RFout  –
x1 L/R Out RJ45
Weight 3.000 kg
Dimensions 280.000 × 200.000 × 48.000 mm
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