DELUXX Cinema High Contrast Fixed Frame Screen SlimFrame 243 x 136cm 110 inch – DARKVISION


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DELUXX Cinema High Contrast Fixed frame Screen SlimFrame 243 x 136cm 110 inch – DARKVISION £779

DELUXX Cinema High Contrast Fixed frame Screen SlimFrame 265 x 149cm, 110″ – DARKVISION

The high contrast revolution from Deluxx for ALL projection types

The Cinema Slimframe is the latest generation of frame screen from DELUXX.

This high-quality version of our Cinema Slimframe is the result of years of development and experience in screen construction.

The Deluxx 0.8 Gain contrast fabric “DARKVISION” filters out the disturbing stray light and focuses the projection light on the viewer. Thus the Deluxx Cinema SlimFrame – DARKVISION combines optimal fabric properties with a reference image in home cinema.

The Deluxx DARKVISION SlimFrame ALR is a high-quality frame screen with a velvet-coated 12mm cover – LED-TV design up to 160″. The screen fabric was specially developed to maximize black levels and contrast. You can say goodbye to typical “wash-out effects” or “grey haze” even in a slightly darkened room. The Deluxx contrast cloth increases the black level by up to a factor of 8. Experience your projector in a new way: Vivid plastic FullHD and 4K HDR films like in the cinema are possible.

DELUXX’s Cinema SlimFrame has a stable, extruded aluminium frame and uses the thinnest visible edge on the market for maximum visibility with minimum installation size. With a framed edge of only 12 mm, the ultra-flat framing offers an elegant and sophisticated look that is ideal for modern home cinema applications as well as commercial applications.

Its unique design is similar to a high quality LED TV, but allows a much wider viewing area. It effectively reflects incident light from the projector to the viewer and effectively absorbs ambient light to noticeably improve the brightness and contrast of the image.

In general, a projection protects the human eye comparatively effectively, as reflected light is demonstrably healthier for the viewing eye than actively radiating light as with an LED TV.

With advanced surface coating technology, the DELUXX Cinema SlimFrame DarkVision frame screen looks like new for decades and has a service life of significantly more than 10 years. (for typical indoor use)

Deluxx’s DARKVISION contrast fabric was developed with an extremely fine surface structure and is already 8K suitable and almost 100% colour neutral.

Fabric details:

  • 0.8 Gain DARKVISION technology for up to 8x black level increase
  • Significantly better in image contrast than classic fabric surfaces
  • Extremely fine cloth structure: 8K suitable
  • Projectable area: 110″ = 2656 x 1494mm
  • Format: 16:9
  • Wide: 150 degree viewing angle
  • Perfect flatness and freedom from stripes
  • Ambient light repelling and absorbing
  • Special surface coating for long life

Frame details:

  • Extremely rigid, extruded aluminium frame
  • Velvet-coated 12mm frame in modern flat TV design
  • Effectively absorbs marginal reflections and conceals possible convergence problems
  • Innovative fabric fastening due to continuous, permanent spring tension
  • 45° angle connector system, easy to install

In the box:

  • Frame screen incl. DarkVision screen fabric in 100″.
  • Mounting bracket
  • All screws and tools for setting up the screen
  • Illustrated assembly instructions


  • Manufacturer: DELUXX
  • Name: DELUXX Cinema High Contrast Fixed frame Screen SlimFrame 243 x 136cm, 110″ – DARKVISION
  • Product Type: projection_screen
  • Screen type: Contrast Screen, Fixed Frame
  • Projection type: Front projection
  • Format: 16:9
  • Viewing area (width): 243 cm
  • Viewing area (height): 136 cm
  • Black back: Yes
  • Gain factor: 0.8
  • Mount: Wall
  • Colour: Black
  • Product dimensions (width): 246 cm
  • Product dimensions (height): 139 cm
  • Product dimensions (depth): 4.15 cm
  • Product weight (net): 12.6
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 24 month
  • Warranty type: Bringi n service
Weight 9.000 kg
Dimensions 415.000 × 2460.000 × 1390.000 mm
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