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Celexon Universal Ceiling Mount PS Ultra Flat £49
The PS UltraFlat ceiling mount offers a number of useful features in a timeless design. The ultra slim mount sits almost flush to the ceiling and is suitable for most standard projectors. Thanks to its quick release mechanism, the projector can be removed easily from the ceiling. It is supplied with a safety lock for optional theft protection.


– Only 62mm high
– Max load: 20kg
– Quick release mechanism
– Integrated ball joint for easy alignment (15deg in each direction)
– 360deg rotation
– Suitable to use with 3 or 4 arms
– 160mm to 330mm coverage area on the projector using the enclosed arms
(160mm to 480mm coverage area using the longer optional arms)
– 4 x M3, M4, M5 & M6 x 25mm screws
– Colour: silver / black
– Material: aluminium

The Celexon universal PS UltraFlat mount is designed to be almost invisible and the installation is easy. the top and bottom part of the mount are detachable which allows for an easy installation. By simply disconnecting the two halves of the mount, they can be individually connecte to the ceiling and to the projector and then reconnected again using the quick release mechanism, thus making the installation process far more easy than alternative standard projector mounts.

The projector is then locked to the top plate using the quick release mechanism and secured with the integrated safety bar. It can also be protected against theft with the enclosed pad lock. All screws are covered by a metal security cover so that they cannot be unscrewed once locked.

The integrated ball joint allows 360° rotation and 15° tilt so that the projector can be perfectly aligned with the screen. The smoothness of the ball joint can be locked during installation.

Longer arms are available (tilt is reduced to 10°) so that the mount can be used with larger projectors (160mm to 496mm coverage area on the projector). It has a loading capacity of 20kg.

Included accessories:

– Ceiling mount (top and bottom parts/plates + projector plate including safety bar.
– 4 x arms
– 4 x metal caps for the arms
– 1 x pad lock
– 1 x set of fixings
– Plastic spacers for improved ventilation and rubber spacers to prevent scratching
– 4 x M3, M4, M5 und M6x25mm screws
– Washers
– Installation guide

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 100.000 × 100.000 × 100.000 mm
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