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Panasonic DMR-HWT250EB FreeviewPlay HD Recorder

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Panasonic DMR-HWT250EB £229 Freeview Play HD Recorder with 1TB HDD. Integrated Catch up TV with Freeview Play and record two HD broadcasts on the internal HDD and stream to other network devices.

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Panasonic DMR-HWT250EB £229 Freeview Play HD Recorder with 1TB HDD. Integrated Catch up TV with Freeview Play and record two HD broadcasts on the internal HDD and stream to other network devices.

Freeview Play HD 1TB Hard Disk Recorder with Twin HD Terrestrial Tuner 

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Ships  with  a  2  Year  Warranty      




Check to see if you can receive Freeview HD 

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Freeview Play - 7 Day Catch Up TV
  • Mulitroom TV Streaming to your Smart Device
  • Remotely control your recordings and set timers
  • Long Time Recording & Archiving in HD
  • Smart Home Networking
  • Quick & Simple Programme Guide
  • Explore Online Entertainment
  • Extra Storage with External HDD

This Freeview Play compatible HDD Recorder lets you enjoy a wide variety of content. With TV Anywhere, you can watch and record programmes both at home and while you're away. In addition, a host of image-enhancing functions include 4K Upscaling and 4K Networking.

Catch up with your favourite TV shows whenever you want


With the newly supported Freeview Play function you will be able to watch TV programmes from the last seven days. You can watch drama, news, sports and other programmes that you missed while you were away from home, without even having to record them. They're ready for you to watch when you're ready to watch. 

Fingertip-easy Freeview Play Button


A Freeview Play button has been added to the remote control.This gives you one-touch access to the popular Freeview Play catch-up service. 

Record two HD programmes simultaneously in HD


Since it has two tuners, the HWT-250 can record two different programmes at once. So there’s no need to worry about missing anything when two programmes overlap. 

Watch One Channel, Record Another

  • Record Two Channels simultaneously, even two HD channels
  • Watch a recording from the HDD whilst recording two channels 

Experience a world of 4K quality


Your Panasonic HDD recorder can now bring the ever- expanding world of stunningly detailed 4K content your home. 

Effortlessly watch TV programmes anywhere you want


Many Panasonic recorders can send recordings and live TV broadcasts over the Internet to smartphones or tablets outside the home. You just need a network connection 

The recorder is equipped with two HD digital tuners, two different TV programmes can be recorded simultaneously. There is no need to worry about missing out on recording a programme when two programmes overlap. 

The EPG displays, Direct Navigator appears, and the tray opens quickly after pressing the button. This is the fastest DIGA operation ever.

USB Input
The DMR-HWT250 is equipped with a USB slot that makes it easy to transfer images from an HD camcorder or digital still camera that uses USB Memory. Simply insert the memory module, and the DMR-HWT250 fills a large-screen TV with AVCHD-format video images (not USB) or JPEG stills in full 1920x 1080 resolution. You can also playback MP3, and DiVX/DiVX HD/MKV files.  

Convenience with Freeview Play
Recording and Viewing Freedom with Freeview+ Twin Tuner - With more than 30 digital TV and radio channels to choose from it's fairly likely that at some point you'll want to record two programmes broadcast at the same time. The Freeview+ Twin Tuner allows you the freedom to do this and offers a multitude of other viewing and recording options.
Freeview+ EPG
The Freeview+ EPG organises channels into easy to use categories with this 8-day on-screen programme guide. Find what you want at the touch of a button and save all your favourites so they're easy to find.
Series Record (with grouping view)
Set the timer to record just once and each programme in the series will automatically be recorded. Recorded series' are easily located as they are automatically archived in the same folder.
Schedule Change
Even if the broadcast schedule changes, programmes are correctly and completely recorded.
5.1ch Surround Sound Recording and Playback
The Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound signal embedded in HD broadcasts can also be recorded. By adding an AV receiver and speaker system, you can enjoy recordings complete with 5.1-channel surround sound.
Recording Times (approx.)

DR(HD) 258h        
DR(SD) 516h        
HG 157h        
HX 235h        
HE 353h        
HL 472h        
HM 684h        

Media Playback: Internal 1 TB HDD

Video:  HD Content Output via HDMI (Disc Native Resolution) Video Up-Conversion for SD DVD up to 4K; 148.5 MHz/12bits; 3:2/2:2 pulldown; Mode : (Normal/ Soft /Fine/Cinema/Personal: Image : Luminosity, Colours, Contrast, Gamma
Recording: MPEG2 (Hybrid VBR)/ MPEG4-AVC/H.264

Audio: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, Dolby True HD; DTS HD, DTS Master, 192KHz/24 bits; Advanced Surround Sound; Dynamic Range Control; Bass Management
Power: 16W /0.4W Standby

Input/Output Terminals:

HDMI YPbPr CVBS Audio i/o Memory PC Network Antenna CAM


 - - x1 Optical Out x1 USB 2.0 -  Wi-Fi 10/100MB/s RFin/RFout  -
      x1 L/R Out     RJ45    
Weight: 2 kg
Width: 300 mm
Length: 190 mm
Height: 52 mm