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Panasonic DMR-HWT130EB Freeview+ HD Recorder

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Panasonic DMR-HWT130EBK £169 Freeview+ HD Recorder with 500GB HDD and FreeviewHD Twin tuner.Record two HD broadcasts simultaneously while watching a recording on the large internal 500GB HDD.

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Panasonic DMR-HWT130EBK £169 Freeview+ HD Recorder with 500GB HDD and FreeviewHD Twin tuner.Record two HD broadcasts simultaneously while watching a recording on the large internal 500GB HDD.

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Check to see if you can receive Freeview HD 

- 500GB HDD for HD Recording with Twin Tuner
- Smart Home Networking
- Quick & Simple Programme Guide
- Explore Online Entertainment
- Extra Storage with External HDD
- MP4 (H.264+AAC) Playback

Twin Freeview HD Tuners

Twin Freeview HD Tuners mean great,  Freeview HD channels from the BBC, ITV, and C4. Plus, DMR-HWT130 is equipped with great features including record one programme whilst watching another, record two programmes simultaneously, pause & rewind live TV, 8 day programme guide and series record. 

  • Watch One Channel, Record Another
  • Record Two Channels simultaneously, even two HD channels
  • Watch a recording from the HDD whilst recording two channels

2D to 3D Conversion

The 2D to 3D conversion feature allows you to watch back any recorded contents in 3D with a compatible 3D TV and glasses. Great if you own or plan to buy a 3D TV in the future. 

Viera Connect

Access online Content such as YouTube Videos , Picasa Photos, Acetrax Video on Demand service and even Skype (with accessory HD Skype cam). New Services are added regularly. 

SD and USB Slots

Playback photos (JPEG) in HD from your digital camera. Even create a slideshow! HWT130 will even play back the very latest 3D photos (MPO) if you have a 3DTV and 3D lens for your camera. Playback home movies from your camcorder - in HD (AVCHD) or standard definition (MPEG2). USB Playback formats include: JPEG/MPO/MP3/DivX/DivX HD/MKV 

Stream Content Around the Home with DLNA

Using DLNA technology, with integrated WiFI or ethernet connection, the HWT130 is a ‘’DLNA device’’. It can be used for streaming content around the home. It can operate on any home Network including your WiFi Network. Unlike some recorders the HWT130 can be used as both server and client.

Server - You can stream from HWT130 to Panasonic TVs, Blu-Ray Players and HD Recorders or other DLNA products. You can stream TV recordings, photos or camcorder footage that you have on your Hard Disc.

Client - You can stream content to the HWT130 from other DLNA devices – e.g.Stream movies or photos from a Windows 7/8 PC. - Stream TV recording, photos or camcorder footage from another Panasonic HD recorder. 

VIERA Connect

The DMR-HWT130 is compatible with the Panasonic home AV online platform VIERA Connect. It easily connects to Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Acetrax, Dailymotion, YouTube, Viewster, Facebook, CineTrailer and euronews for an even wider variety of Internet content from to expand home entertainment with family and friends right from the comfort of the living room sofa. 

Extra Storage

The DMR-HWT130 supports a USB-compatible external HDD, so collections of content recorded onto DIGA can be moved over to the external HDD. Further, the content that has been moved to the external HDD can be played directly via DIGA. 

Convenience with Freeview+

Recording and Viewing Freedom with Freeview+ Twin Tuner - With more than 30 digital TV and radio channels to choose from it's fairly likely that at some point you'll want to record two programmes broadcast at the same time. The Freeview+ Twin Tuner allows you the freedom to do this and offers a multitude of other viewing and recording options.

Freeview+ EPG
The Freeview+ EPG organises channels into easy to use categories with this 8-day on-screen programme guide. Find what you want at the touch of a button and save all your favourites so they're easy to find.

Series Record (with grouping view)
Set the timer to record just once and each programme in the series will automatically be recorded. Recorded series' are easily located as they are automatically archived in the same folder.

Schedule Change
Even if the broadcast schedule changes, programmes are correctly and completely recorded.
5.1ch Surround Sound Recording and Playback
The Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound signal embedded in HD broadcasts can also be recorded. By adding an AV receiver and speaker system, you can enjoy recordings complete with 5.1-channel surround sound. 

Subtitle and Audio Description Recording and Playback
The High Definition Recorder can record the subtitle and audio description data that is included with some digital broadcasts. Because these are also recorded digitally, they can be switched on or off during playback. 

One Remote Operation (VIERA Link)
VIERA Link lets you operate a variety of compatible Panasonic audio, video and imaging products with one easy to use VIERA remote control.

Pause Live TV (VIERA Link)
Pause Live TV lets you freeze TV programmes just like pausing a DVD. Select Pause Live TV on the VIERA Link Menu and the TV programme is temporarily saved on the hard disk drive. You can watch the rest of the programme, right from the stopped frame, at a later time.

Direct TV Rec. (VIERA Link)
If you want to record the programme youre watching, you can start immediately by pressing the VIERA Link button on the VIERA remote control and selecting Direct TV Rec. on the VIERA Link menu screen. You can also start Direct TV Rec. by pressing Direct TV REC. button on VIERA remote.

HD Camcorder
Take the SD memory card from your HD camcorder and watch the movies you've just shot

Digital Camera
Photos you've just taken can be viewed immediately via an SD card or USB cable.

Recording Times (approx.)

DR(HD) 128h - - - -


HG -        
HX -        
HE -        
HL -        
HM -        
XP -        
SP -        
LP -        
EP -        

Media Playback: Internal 500GB HDD; SD/SDHC/SDXC; USB

Video:  HD Content Output via HDMI (Disc Native Resolution); 148.5 MHz/12bits; 3:2/2:2 pulldown; Mode : (Normal/ Soft /Fine/Cinema/Personal: Image : Luminosity, Colours, Contrast, Gamma
Recording: MPEG2 (Hybrid VBR)/ MPEG4-AVC/H.264

Audio: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, 192KHz/24 bits
Recording: Dolby Digital (XP, SP, LP, EP: mode : 2ch), Linear PCM (XP mode), Dolby Digital [DR mode(freesat), HG,HX, HE, HL mode: MAX. 5.1ch] Dolby Digital Plus, MPEG(DR mode: 2ch)
 Power: 25W /0.2W Standby 

Input/Output Terminals:

HDMI YPbPr CVBS Audio i/o Memory PC Network Antenna CAM

x1 v1.4

- - x1 Optical Out x2 USB 2.0 - 10/100 MB/s RFin/RFout -
        SD/SDHC/XC   WiFi via Dongle    
      x1 L/R Out          
Weight: 2.5 kg
Width: 330 mm
Length: 238 mm
Height: 59 mm